Mother Jones’s spirit carries on in the St. V’s struggle

The Boston Revolutionary Socialists visited the Saint Vincent nurses’ strike on Sunday. Below, read the BRS’s statement of support.

The Boston Revolutionary Socialists support St. V’s nurses

The villains in this fight go beyond a single greedy hospital corporation. They include the larger system of health care in the U.S., which is organized not to meet the medical needs of patients and communities, but according to the capitalist rules of profit and competition.

Nurses deliver 90 percent of the clinical care patients receive. By making one nurse cover the work of two or three, the hospital squeezes more money from each nurse with every patient they bill.

Both Democrats and Republicans have cut MassHealth, Medicare, and Medicaid over the years (even the Affordable Care Act cut Medicare by $700 billion over 10 years).

67.5% of St. V’s patients are funded with public dollars. So when public healthcare gets cut, St. V’s makes up the difference by squeezing nurses.

Not only should nurses have safe staffing… nurses should run the hospitals from the bottom up! Power to the nurses and patients!

About the BRS

The Boston Revolutionary Socialists seek to build a local collective in Eastern Massachusetts that can collaborate with other forces and build a stronger movement for revolutionary socialism and liberation.

For Working-Class Power

We are against the system of capitalism and its institutions. A tiny elite gets their wealth from exploitation, theft and violence. Their system is unstable, resulting in war, market crashes, and the climate crisis. We are for socialism, a democracy made and run by the working class and the now-oppressed that puts people before profit. Workers build, transport and teach everything in society. When united and organized to fight, workers have a unique power to strike and shut down the system — and eventually to create a society run by and in the interests of the working class.